What Choice Will You Make?

A Different Approach to Health and Vitality


I sit on the edge of my seat. There is a great battle. Swords fly, tensions rise. My favorite show is then interrupted by a commercial offering a magic pill for almost any illness a person may suffer from. I find it difficult to ignore the end of the commercial as the list of side effects ramble on. I am most stunned by the words coma or death. Alternatives run through my mind. Could I reduce my symptoms or be free of illness from a more natural approach? The answer is yes.


Imagine planting your favorite vegetable in the ground from seed in the spring. You might prepare the soil with rich nutrients prior to planting to ensure growth and a bountiful harvest. If the soil is poor, too acidic, or contains harmful contaminants the roots will not flourish and the harvest will be poor. We can liken this analogy to our own bodies. With the traditional American diet we are corrupting the soil within. Instead of thriving, we are creating an environment that is ripe for disease and illness. On the other hand if we eat whole foods, reduce our toxin exposure through organic foods, and provide vital micronutrients we change to soil within. This in turn, inhibits the growth of disease and the manifestation of illness. Just like pharmaceutical medications, in nutrition there is no one-size-fits-all. There is no perfect prescription. There is no magic bullet.


By consuming whole foods, reducing your exposure to internal and external toxins, and increasing body awareness it is possible to shift the terrain to one of health and vitality. This creates an environment within to ward off disease rather than promote it. So next time you are watching your favorite show on TV and you see a commercial promoting that magic bullet, ask yourself if taking a different approach might yield a better result without the dangerous side effects. It may take time and patience, but your body will thank you.


What choice will you make?